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Saturday May 19, 2018  8:00 pm

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When It’s Rocking

Common Man

    Every once in a while you stumble across a person who is so musically gifted that they stand out from the rest of the crowd. I’m not the only one who would describe Steve this way. His gift is his voice. Yes, he’s also a first class songwriter with a lot of stories to sing, but people like Canadian music producer Rick Hutt will tell you that “he’s got that one in a million voice”! You will know that to be true if you ever have the opportunity to see him performing live. He’s simply one of those singers whose voice will be forever embedded in your memory no matter what type of music you lean towards.

Steve recorded and released his first solo LP called “Blindside”, which earned him steady airplay rotation on more than 60 country stations across Canada and around the world, even capturing glowing remarks from music critics in the UK. A second album with only 4 tracks, entitled “Four Down” was released in 2000 and 3 years later at Windsor’s Freedom Festival he shared top billing with  legendary Canadians The Guess Who, Chantelle Kreviasuk and Fludd. He also opened for Trooper, Nazareth and David Wilcox that year. Steve was chosen as an opener for James Cotton, The Stampeders, Ray Lyell, Lawrence Gowan and Jeff Healey. Live appearances included Summerfolk Music Festival, Canadian Country Music Awards, City TV’s Breakfast Television and Socan’s Bluebird North songwriters’ circle in Toronto.

A talent like Steve’s could not go un-noticed. World-class sax player Alto Reed from Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band made the same discovery I’m speaking about. Alto and Steve’s friendship grew from Alto’s first exposure to Steve’s demo track, while searching for a vocalist for his ‘Super Band’, Alto Reed’s Rock & Roll All Stars. Alto took one listen and immediately phoned Steve to invite him to join the band as lead vocalist. Other members of the band included drummer Jamie Oldaker (Silver Bullet Band, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton) and singer/guitarist George Terry(Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker).At a concert in Detroit in July 2006,the legendary Dave Mason invited both Steve and Alto to join him on stage. Dave was so impressed with Steve’s singing that he asked him to join him for the encore! Friends of Steve, like myself, spoke about Steve as “living the dream”, doing concerts in Florida, Carolina, Detroit, Las Vegas and who knows where else.

Steve’s honest “working man” vocal delivery, thundering rock voice and outstanding talent for story telling made Reed & Dickinson a new Motor City powerhouse duo. Alto with his electrifying stage presence and sax solos combined nicely with Steve’s husky blue collar voice and fine interpretive style, leading to their release of ‘Tonight We Ride” in 2009.It was in Detroit where they recorded with Ray Minhinnett, long time lead guitarist for Frankie Miller’s Full House Band as they recorded 4 of his songs on the new CD. 

Steve Dickinson sings “When It’s Rockin” on a 19-track tribute album to esteemed Glasgow-born singer and songwriter Frankie Miller, which features Willie Nelson, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Joe Walsh, Huey Lewis and Kid Rock, among others.

And soon Dickinson will become the new frontman for Frankie Miller’s band, Full House, which is going on tour again as it marks the 40th anniversary of the band.