More concerts coming 

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What Did You Miss?

    Did you make it to any of the 2022 concerts at Massie Hall? If not, here’s a snapshot of the great music and fun performers you missed! 

    The Beatles’ Tribute was a sold-out Massie extravaganza! Our two local bands, The Millpond Project and The Little Bigheads, had a whale of a time playing and singing as individual bands and altogether – and the audience loved it! Thanks to Pete Miller for organizing this fabulous 2022 season concert opener and all the other concerts, and doing the sound! 

    The Dave Hawkins concert was held outdoors on a breezy, sunny day. It was a pleasure to listen to his poetry set to acoustic guitar. 

    The Boots and Roots foursome covered a broad range of musical territory from heartfelt to wildly entertaining. Their music brought the audience to life and we enjoyed the amusing banter among the artists about which key the next song should be played in! 

    Drew McIvor couldn’t fail to please with his infectious humour and great lyrics. He sang one song in Portuguese because, according to him, the lyrics in English would have had us all blushing! His buddy Bam, playing the cajon – essentially an empty box that makes great sound – obviously loves playing with him. Drew even got one of the audience members, Kailey Jane Hawkins, to sing harmony to The Question Song. What a treat! 

Larry Jensen gave us an intimate look into our lives through his storytelling. The audience was gathered to hear him in the quiet hall, as if in his living room. His songs dealt with many themes, including trying to leave the little town of his youth, coping with pandemic lockdowns and losing one of our local musicians. Larry gave so much so easily. 

The plan was to hold the concerts outdoors if the weather cooperated. All but one ended up in the hall, but they were still most enjoyable! The delicate musical and sound equipment must be protected from rain or hail, so even if there’s a possibility of inclement weather, it’s just safer (and not nail-biting) to bring everything indoors. We’ll follow the same protocol this year. Hope to see you there!

Massie Hall is the community centre fashioned out of an old stone building - formerly a one-room schoolhouse erected in 1871 - in the picturesque hamlet of Massie, near Chatsworth, Ontario. The hall hosts great Live at Massie Hall concerts showcasing top quality musicians. We also bring in the crowds for our popular fish fry and ever-growing car show and chrysanthemum sale. The hall is available for rental for private parties, workshops and other events. It acts as a community hub.

Our community may be small but we make up for it with charm and spunk. It sure helps that we're surrounded by glorious nature, including the Bighead River which tumbles and roars through our tiny community. We invite you to check our calendar and see which events you'd like to attend in this beautifully restored venue. Or make it the perfect place for your next gathering of family and friends, be it a wedding, christening, birthday or retirement party or any other reason you can think of to celebrate!